Kenowa Lawn Sprinkler Company was originally started in 1980 by Fredric L. Roelofs. After 18 years of working with a mechanical and irrigation contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he made the decision to organize his own company. His mind set has always been that the components of an irrigation system are more related to the plumbing and electrical industries. With this focus, he wanted to make sure that his employees would have mechanical knowledge and experience. Currently, all full-time employees have over 150 years of combined experience, and all have a reputation for quality workmanship.


Services Kenowa Companies Offers

Lawn Sprinkling - Trenching Services - Drainage Systems - Outdoor Lighting - Basement Remodeling - Mechanical Services


For many years, Kenowa Lawn Sprinkler has performed quality irrigation installations for our customers. We strive to provide exceptional products and service. We have installed irrigation systems for airports, street boulevards, schools, cemeteries, athletic complexes, parks, churches, homes, colleges, gardens, apartments, condominiums, banks, and many types of commercial business projects.

With years of experience and continued training and education, the company was able to diversify. Kenowa Lawn Sprinkler is now a division of Kenowa Companies. The name change was made to reflect the various types of work that we can perform. In addition to excellent irrigation installations, Kenowa Companies can provide trenching services, drainage systems, outdoor lighting, and many other outdoor projects.

We strive to achieve good relationships not only with our customers, but also with suppliers and professionals with whom we do business with. We are known for the following:

- Good banking reputation
- Excellent credit rating
- Insured and bonded
- Excellent safety record
- Efficient in delivery of shop drawings and close out documents
- Efficient in AIA contracts and documents

In 2007, Fred began to sell his ownership in Kenowa Companies to his nephew Scott Marsman and his son Aaron Roelofs. Fred still remains active in the company.

In 2010, Kenowa Companies celebrated its 30th year in business.